Wing Mirrors - Can you see clearly?

Recently, we’ve noticed on test drives of customer vehicles, wing mirrors are pointing in totally the wrong direction.

It’s becoming apparent that more and more of you aren’t fully utilising your wing mirrors and it’s a worry to us because road awareness and vision is extremely important to both yours, your passengers and other road users’ safety.

Most importantly, wing mirrors allow drivers to see a wide section of the road around them. They also allow drivers to manoeuvre their vehicles safely, meaning there’s less risk of colliding with objects or pedestrians.

If you’re solely relying on the vision out of your front windscreen, it’s narrowing your vision down dramatically, increasing the chance of collision.

Examples of incorrectly positioned wing mirrors

Example of Correctly positioned wing mirror

So, what small, routine changes can we make, as drivers, to assure we’re being safe?

When popping on your seat belt but before turning on the ignition, check that you can clearly see down the sides of your vehicle and behind your vehicle through your wing mirrors. Also check that your interior mirror is positioned so that you can see out of the rear window of the vehicle. Once you’re happy they’re set, you’re free to go.

Vehicle Checks

We understand that vehicles are often shared and mirrors may be moved from driver to driver, however, it’s extremely important before you set off on a journey to make sure that your seating position is correct and your wing mirrors are positioned so that you can see down each side of the vehicle and beyond.

Blind Spots

Don’t rely solely on your wing mirrors, just like we don’t solely rely on other driving aids such as reversing cameras. Looking over your shoulder and checking your blind spots when manoeuvring is the correct thing to do. 

Wing mirrors are a driving aid that become a second set of eyes for you so make sure to use them!